Thursday, September 13, 2018

Episode 49 - Hey Siri, Stop Recording

In this episode, I spend an extended amount of time talking about the Jason Isbell show in St. Louis this past week (and why I loved it). I also talk about the movie and book Juliet, Naked, and the Venture Bros. You know how it goes by now. ***EDIT: By the way, I COMPLETELY forgot to censor some swearing in this episode. So if you're not a grown-up, grow up.*** Here's the player:

Here's the time index:

  • 0:00 - Jason Isbell show in St. Louis
  • 22:15 - Music Break #1 - "Sometimes You Say Goodbye"
  • 22:46 - Movie/Book Review - Juliet, Naked
  • 40:40 - Music Break #2 - "You and Your Perfect Life"
  • 41:11 - Venture Bros. and the Shirt of the Week Club
  • 45:48 - Music Break #3 - Hindsight
  • 46:19 - Outro, including tributes to Aretha Franklin and Burt Reynolds
And here are some photos!

Cover Photo - New shirt!

Photo of the concert in action, lovingly stolen from Amanda's Facebook post.

They had bags for the merch. As a longtime concert-goer, GOD BLESS THEM.

I put my ticket in a frame. I want to preserve that night for as long as I can.

Book and ticket stub for Juliet Naked.

One of the Venture Bros/ Shirts.

And another.

And another.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Episode 48 - A Pod of a Cast

This week's episode was fun for me. I played guitar for about half an hour, demoing the Strymon Mobius. I also talked a little about recent guitar accessory purchases, tell you about what I've recently been listening to, talk about some (very little) wrestling, a couple of podcasts, and so on.  I crammed a lot into this episode for it being half guitar-playing!  Here's the player:

Before I get into the times, here's a link to my friend's podcast that I mentioned on the show.

Here's how the time breaks down:

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 6:30 - Music Break #1 - "Stranger"
  • 7:00 - Hodge Podge including wrestling, Current Listening, Philosoffee Podcast, and the Kurt Vonneguys podcast
  • 18:01 - Music Break #2 - "Falling"
  • 18:31 - Talking about guitar accessories
  • 35:32 - Music Break #3 - "Not Okay"
  • 40:02 - Demoing the Strymon Mobius
  • 1:02:20 - Music Break #4 - "Angel"
  • 1:02:50 - Outro

And here are the photos:

The cover. And one of my custom picks. 

This is the main part of the show. The Strymon Mobius in its glory.

The two new guitar straps I bought.

This is the ESP guitar I played on the show and the strap I now have on it. It's the same kind of strap Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers has on one of his guitars.

The Ric bass with its new strap.

Strat and strap.

These are the strings I'm currently using. Ernie Ball makes great strings.

The capos I referenced. This type of capo is a big part of what I do.

My custom Clayton guitar picks.
And my current listening: Bobby Bare Jr and the Jayhawks.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Episode 47 - Guess What I Almost Named This One

This week's episode contains a lot of me ranting. I know...but more-so! I talk about the Star Trek Mission Crate from Loot Crate, the current season of The Venture Bros., and also a long talk on this week's happenings in the WWE--there was a Pay Per View and a LOT to discuss! All that, plus I freak out because I saw a bug.  What are you waiting for? Click the thing!

Here's the time breakdown:

And here are some photos. This week, with the subjects at hand I really only have photos of the Mission Crate stuff. But it'll probably be fun to gauge my level of disdain from photo to photo!

Also used as the cover, this is the tribble with teeth that I talked about. Isn't it stupid? Look at how stupid it is with its stupid teeth and stupid face with its dumb glasses and stupid beard. Also the plush toy is dumb.

Klingon socks. I was nonplussed.

Klingon badge, which actually might be cool if I were into Klingons. SLIGHTLY plussed.

The same badge as last time, only smaller. Back to nonplussed.

Klingon sticker. Still only mildly plussed.

However, the Worf figurine does plus me.
That's it! Thanks for caring!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Non-Episode #4 - What it would look like if this was just a blog.

Hi folks. Sorry there isn't a new episode this week. The short version is I recorded one then did something dumb that deleted it before I even got to the editing process. I know what I did and I know how to avoid it. I was just stupid. So, so stupid.

But I wanted to put something up anyway. So here we are.

I guess the big thing I should talk about is the news that broke this morning that Aretha Franklin passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer. I'll be completely honest and say that I've never been a big fan--just casually familiar. That's not to say that I didn't appreciate her, of course. She had a huge, powerful voice and got to walk around knowing she could sing circles around just about anybody. You don't get called the Queen of something without being able to back it up.

Franklin's voice was incredible. It's noticeable though that she rarely sang anything the same way twice. That's both a blessing and a curse. There's a spontaneity and specific passion that comes from that. But the downside is that when you look at things like her scene in the Blues Brothers, her sync is WAY off and it's unmissable. People have sung "Think" at karaoke nights and been closer to the pacing than she was in that movie.

But...that's lip-syncing. That's barely an art at all, despite what the "lip-sync battle" shows would have you believe. She was off-sync because she sang from the heart. People who do that sometimes don't hit their mark, but they usually blow some minds.

Google Aretha Franklin's hits. Those are songs that you don't even need to're going to hear them anyway. Even guys like me who are just baseline familiar with her work know that the landscape of music wouldn't be the same without her.

This is the part in the podcast where I'd put a musical break. So...I don't know...go listen to something from my last record on Bandcamp (it's free).  Moving on.

I've got a lot of stuff coming in the mail. I lost a capo for my guitar somewhere last week. For those who don't know what that is, it's basically a clamp that you put on your fret-board and it makes it easier to play songs in different keys. Basic cheater-stuff. The one I lost is a "cut" capo, which is a capo that doesn't cover all six strings, but only a few of them. It makes you think differently and allows playing bigger, weirder chords more easily. And it's gone. I'm pretty sure it's somewhere inside my couch, but I've dug through it as far as I can reach and I can't find it.  So I've ordered TWO new ones. I use Shubb capos, by the way.  They do the best job of preserving your intonation on the market. If you're a guitarist, use those instead of those Kyser ones you've probably got in your case. The rest of the band will thank you.  So those are on their way.

Also on their way are some custom guitar picks.  I'd been using custom picks for several years but finally ran out of them.  So I did a new design and they're on their way.  Should be here Monday.  In case you're wondering, they're Clayton picks.  Because their designer was the easiest to use.

ALSO on its way, and contrary to what I said in last week's episode, is the Loot Crate Mission Crate! I got a shipping notice for it on 8/11 (Saturday). It *might* be here tomorrow. After a six month delay in shipping, Loot Crate chose to send it with the SLOWEST shipping possible. They sent it through FedEx who are now handing it off to my local post office--who are TERRIBLE.  The FedEx tracker is saying it should deliver tomorrow, but my experience with this USPS branch tells me it'll probably be Monday as well. You'd think that with a legion of pissed off nerds, they'd want to expedite it, but here we are.

So the mailbox is going to be jumping next week and you'll hear all about it, I'm sure.

There'd be another music break here.  So now go listen to something from "Out from the Light." Thanks.

Lastly, here's some TV talk...

I caught up on Kimmy Schmidt.  I'm a little disappointed that they only released half the season and we've got to wait until January for the rest.  But I enjoyed the half-season a lot.  It was a slightly different feel (which the show needed) and had some really fun beats.  Since it's new and I don't think my brother has watched it yet, I'll spare you the spoilers.  But I liked it.

I also greatly enjoyed this week's new episode of The Venture Bros.  It left me wanting more and that's always good. I'm loving what they're doing with the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.  That show's always hilarious.  I found out via re-tweet from show-creator Jackson Publick that they're doing the "Shirt of the Week" club again and I...uhh...might have signed up to get them all. So...those...uhh...might be discussed on future podcasts as well.

And last but not least, of course, I watched this week's WWE shows, building toward SummerSlam this Sunday.  RAW was a great episode that opened up with Ronda Rousey paying very classy and moving tribute to Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart who passed away this week.  The show featured the debut of Renee Young as the first woman to ever do commentary for a full episode of Raw.  She was great.  I wish she'd do it all the time. 

I've been enjoying the hell out of Barron Corbin lately. I don't just seems like he's comfortable and having fun for the first time on the main roster.  He's been great.

Then we had Heyman and Lesnar tricking and beating down Roman Reigns. After a several-week-long build, Heyman came out, offered his managerial services to Reigns, then blinded him with pepper spray and Heyman and Brock walked out friends.  Umm...  Wouldn't this have been the type of payoff you'd want to save for the PPV on Sunday?  Where does the angle have to go now?  I guess only to Reigns winning the belt?

And of course, we ended Raw with the return of a JACKED looking Dean (new hair!) Ambrose.  It was a good segment and made me want to see the match at the PPV. So good there.

Raw definitely was the stronger show this week as SmackDown just kind of left me feel like it was a standard episode.  I was late getting home and missed the opening, but watched enough of it online afterward to know I didn't miss much.  I like the Women's Division a lot and both Becky and Charlotte are fun to watch, but the booking of this angle is lackluster and I wish they'd just book a one-on-one with either of those two vs. Carmella to get the belt off of her.

The three part history of Bryan/Miz videos were well done, but they didn't really add anything. It felt like the kind of teaser the cable stations would have run on the channel hosting the PPV in the hour before it just to catch you up if you don't watch all the time.  And I feel like they could've done a stronger in-ring segment with that time.

The Old Hat (New Day) took on Sanity in a match that did nothing for Sanity, who they really need to build.  So...there's that.

Hardy vs. Benjamin was fine but forgettable...  Samoa Joe's promo saying AJ's wife wrote him a letter was well delivered but ultimately didn't add anything...  And then the show ended kind of abruptly because for some reason Raw has a quarter-hour overrun but SmackDown doesn't.

So...I'm looking forward to the Raw matches at Summerslam, anyway.  I'm sure a couple of the SmackDown ones will be good.  AJ/Joe promises to be a CLINIC and I'm sure I'll be raving about it once it happens, but ultimately Raw felt like a go-home show before the PPV and SmackDown didn't.

I'd do another musical break here...  So...  Did you know the theme song for the podcast is actually just a snip of a full single called "Bite the Habanero?"  You can listen to that song here.

Thanks for reading.  Sorry it wasn't listening.  I'll be back up and running next week and I promise I won't make the specific mistake I made tonight again.  I might make some OTHER mistake...but it won't be that one.

As I say on the show, even though I'm suddenly realizing there's no reason for it to be plural since I do this alone...

Check us out next time!


Current Listening: Frank Black - Show Me Your Tears

Friday, August 10, 2018

Episode 46 - Praise Stupid Nerd Stuff!

I enjoyed recording this one. I talk about a lot of stuff including the new (and EXCELLENT) album by Amanda Shires, TV shows like The Venture Bros. and Kimmy Schmidt, and my 1990s Ibanez Soundgear bass. That and a whole lot more.  Here's the player:

Here is the time index:

And here's a bunch of photos:
The cover, and just kind of a neat shot. :)

I could've done a whole episode on how much I liked this record.

This is season 1. I'm presently watching season 7.

My Ibanez Soundgear, and some friends...

Probably should've polished it...

Definitely should've polished it.

Badass II Bridge. Only modification I made in 22 years!

Up the Hammers.

Chili pepper strap.

And this is kind of interesting but I forgot to mention it in the show. I used to play in churches a lot in the 90s/early 2000s and a youth group kid who was into macrame and stuff gave me those things hanging down. I thought it was nice, tied them to my bass, and 20 years later, they're still there!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Episode 45 - When I Was Young and Virile

This week's episode is a little different. I didn't really have anything new to talk about so instead I talked about a couple of my guitars that mean a lot to me and also about the comic book Bone by Jeff Smith.  It's an episode of full-on nostalgia for me, and I hope you'll enjoy the trip back in time too. Here's the player:

Here's how the time breaks down:
  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 5:40 - Music Break #1 - "One Man" from my Grounds album.
  • 6:11 - Talking about my Ibanez EX Series bass.
  • 16:48 - Music Break #2 - "Fall Apart" from my Grounds album.
  • 17:18 - Talking about the comic book Bone by Jeff Smith.
  • 35:18 - Music Break #3 - "Stranger" from my Grounds album.
  • 35:48 - Talking about my Silvertone guitar.
  • 43:03 - Music Break #4 - "Diner" from my Grounds album.
  • 43:33 - Outro
And here's a BUNCH of photos!
Here's the cover.
My 90s Ibanez EX Series bass
Nothing says "90s" quite like this headstock.
Here'e the body. Somehow a chunk got chipped out of it in the late 90s and I put a Band-Aid over the scar. Also, I have no idea where that volume knob ended up.
Sorry Marc and Mike...but I think I probably take the cake here. I swear I wasn't on drugs back then. I just looked like that. And yes, that guitar strap is FULLY extended.

We look a little more like a band here. A band of toddlers. But a band.
Bone! This is my favorite comic ever. This photo shows the books, the Bone cousins, and their friend Kurt Vonnegut.

The spines of my Bone books.
Bone in black and white.

Bone in color.
My 50s Silvertone.
Silvertone headstock.
The body...
And this is how ugly the back is, post yellow-paint removal. Although over the years I've come to think of this as pretty cool.

I took this photo like 10+ years ago when I was working on the liner notes for the "Grounds" record. The blur was an accident, but I always thought it looked cool. Never used the photo for some reason.

The price tag still on the guitar strap.