Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Episode 37 - Tell 'Em Derek Sent Ya' and they'll say "Who?"

This week's episode is a little different. Apart from mentioning some hats I bought in the intro, I mostly just talk about roughly a dozen records. Each of them in some way shape or form influenced my new album "It Could Be Worse," which is being released on May 18, 2018. This was a fun one for me. It's just the one subject, so I'm not going to do a time index this week, but I will say the songs that are played are both from my new album and are "Nobody Else" and "Always," in that order. Here's the player:

And here are some photos:
The cover photo, bigger.

One of my hats! (And my beard getting slowly more prospector-ish...)

My other hat. (Dagnabbit!)

The CDs I talked about. 
Big Star's "Complete Third."

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Episode 36 - I Want Good Things for Andie MacDowell

DON'T MISS THIS ONE! This week's episode gets bananas. I talk about the video game God of War for a little while, but the show REALLY gets going when I review the Hallmark movie "The Beach House" starring Andie MacDowell.  That, plus music reviews of albums by Frank Turner, John Moreland, and a nod to Jason Isbell and some talk about my own music career as well.  It's a good one.  ...and yes, I drew the turtle.  Here's the player:

Here's the time index:
  • 0:00 - Intro Stuff including a plug for my new album "It Could Be Worse."
  • 8:12 - Music break #1 - "That Was Then" from "It Could Be Worse"
  • 8:45 - Video Game Review: God of War (from the perspective of someone who didn't play it)
  • 27:53 - Music Break #2 - "Remember Me" from the "Sorry I Didn't Mean to Shout" release
  • 28:25 - Hallmark Movie review: The Beach House
  • 38:12 - Music Break #3 - "The Best" from the "Ink Stained Fingers" album
  • 38:43 - Music reviews of stuff by Frank Turner, John Moreland, and a nod toward Jason Isbell.
  • 48:23 - Music Break #4 - "Please" off of the "Out from the Light" album
  • 48:53 - Outro comments, including me plugging a gig.
And here's a handful of photos.  Sorry I don't have anything from God of War or the Beach House here, but I'd have had to pull licensed images off the net and that seemed problematic.

The turtle up close.

As promised, my printer.

Frank Turner's "Be More Kind"

John Moreland's "In the Throes"

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Non-Episode #2: Technical Difficulties

Sorry folks, I won't be able to get an episode up this week.  I've got a minor technical glitch that made recording impossible.  It should be fixed by next week.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it'll be working right by morning.  Tonight's episode would've been a good one.  It's a shame you'll never hear it.  Probably would've been my best work.  :)

Next week I'll be talking about the new God of War game and also some other stuff.  It'll be worth the wait.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Episode 35 - There is a Weird Glitch About 10 Minutes In I Couldn't Fix

This week's episode is a little shorter, but just as full of fun! This week, I talk about music from The Smithereens, Tom Waits, The Who, and the new album by John Prine.  I also talk TV in the form of Deadliest Catch and Last Man on Earth.  All that and I also take some time to bid farewell to Harry Anderson, Verne Troyer, and Bruno Sammartino.  Here's the player:

And here's the time-index:

  • 0:00 - Intro, including RIPs to Harry Anderson, Verne Troyer, and Bruno Sammartino.
  • 8:42 - Music Break #1 - Slip Away from my "Ink-Stained Fingers" album.
  • 9:15 - Music Stuff including my thoughts on Record Store Day and reviews of music by The Smithereens, The Who, Tom Waits, and John Prine's newest release.
  • 23:29 - Music Break #2 - Outdoor Summer Concerts, released as a single in 2015.
  • 24:00 - TV Talk including very briefly touching on wrestling, then longer talks on The Last Man on Earth and Deadliest Catch.
  • 35:49 - Music Break #3 - Transience from my "Something to Look Forward to..." album.
  • 36:21 - Outro including a podcast recommendation.
And how about some photos, since you took the time to come here?

Here's the cover at a more visible size.

John Prine's "The Tree of Forgiveness" is an early favorite for 2018.

One of the "holy grail" Who shows is finally for sale!

Tom Waits' "Bawlers" Record Store Day edition in blue.

A little closer so you can really see the blue.

I was very happy to find this one, and the green is super cool!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Episode 34 - The Pearl Jam Episode (Also I Say the Word Kerfuffle)

This week's episode is all about Pearl Jam.  I'm a big fan and it seemed like it was time to talk about it.  I tell my autobiographical version of Pearl Jam's history and a few stories along the way.  I talk about my favorite songs and rank the 10 studio albums in order from my least to most favorite.  It's an hour of Pearl Jam.  Just click it!  Here's the player:

And there's really no need for a time index this week, so we'll skip right to posting photos...

This is the cover photo at full size and with the logo in a more logical place.

The CD copy of the show I attended in 2010, which is kind of responsible for this post happening.

This photo is from that 2010 show, giving a pretty accurate view from our seats.  There's obviously more light-glare than we have live on the night, but this gives some perspective of our view anyway.  Not terrible for whatever phone I had in 2010.

This was during the encore of the show.  The venue turned the house lights on and Pearl Jam kept playing for another three songs. It was cool.

This is the shirt I bought that night--made just for St. Louis.
This isn't quite ALL of my Pearl Jam collection, but it's a fair representation.
If you'd like to read the post I wrote in 2010 that I read during the podcast, it's located here:

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Episode 33 - I was looking for the word derivative when I said formulaic.

You wouldn't guess it from the photo, but in this episode I talk about wrestling for over 40 minutes, covering Wrestlemania, Raw, and Smackdown.  But before that, I talk about new music from Guided By Voices, Sloan, and Jason Isbell.  I also talk about 30-year-old music from Iron Maiden.  Then I talk about stuff I've recently watched on DVD including the movie Clue, the movie A Mighty Wind, and the "Almost the Truth" documentary on Monty Python.  There's a lot going on in this episode!  Here's the player:

Here's the time index stuff...
  • 0:00 - Introduction Stuff.
  • 3:36 - Music Break 1 - What Matters Most off of my "Something to Look Forward to" album.
  • 4:06 - Music reviews, including Guided By Voices "Space Gun," Sloan "12," and Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit "Live at Twist & Shout 11.16.07."  Then a fond remembrance and celebration of the 30th anniversary of Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son."
  • 19:38 - Music Break 2 - Not Okay off of my "Trigger Warnings & Sunshine" album.
  • 20:09 - Talking about stuff I've watched on TV recently including the movie "Clue," the movie "A Mighty Wind," and the "Almost the Truth" Monty Python documentary.
  • 36:04 - Music Break 3 - Immortal off of my "Out from the Light" album.
  • 36:34 - Wrestlemania Week Wrap-Up! Includes discussion of Wrestlemania, Raw, and Smackdown.
  • 1:17:22 - Music Break 4 - AMB4 off of my "Grounds" album.
  • 1:17:53 - Outro.
And here's a mess of photos:

The cover at full size and with the logo where I actually wanted it rather than where the thumbnail forced it to go on the SoundCloud page.
All the stuff.  Except the wrestling stuff, because there's really no way to show pictures of those shows without being sued.
Guided By Voices - Space Gun

Sloan - 12

Jason Isbell - Live at Twist & Shout 11.18.07
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Hard to believe this album is 30 years old!  To me, it still sounds like the future.

One of my favorite movies.

Another of my favorite movies.  Sorry this one's a little fuzzy...hard to get the light to work right with so much pastel.

Monty Python is always great.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Episode 32 - Mostly TV and Jesus

I considered calling this episode "Jesus Christ Supershow," but it seemed a little on the nose. It's a slightly short episode. but I cover a lot of ground. In addition to obviously talking about Jesus Christ Superstar, I also talk about some of my other favorite secular-produced works about Jesus and defend the secular depiction of Christ in general. In addition, I talk about stuff I've recently been watching on TV including Man Down, Splitting Up Together, and the WWE. I liked doing this one. Hope you enjoy listening to it!

Time indexes:
  • 0:00 - Intro Stuff
  • 3:46 - Music Break #1 - "Not So Middle Life Crisis" off my "Trigger Warnings and Sunshine" album
  • 4:16 - Stuff I've recently watched on TV. I talk about Man Down, Splitting Up Together, and Wrestling at length and also mention Deadliest Catch.
  • 18:38 - Music Break 2 - "Nobody Has It All" from The Wayne County EP
  • 19:06 - Discussion of my favorite pop-culture stuff involving Jesus Christ, with particular attention paid to Jesus Christ Superstar. Breaking it down further...
    • 19:30 - Jesus Christ Superstar
    • 34:18 - The Last Temptation of Christ
    • 36:00 - Music from The Velvet Underground and Big Star
    • 36:48 - Dogma
    • 38:22 - Alice Cooper's stage show
    • 40:45 - Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter
    • 41:24 - Punk Rock Jesus
And I say some other stuff too, probably.  Didn't take a lot of photos this week because there's a lot of the above that I don't have in physical form--sorry!  But here's a big version of the cover photo, since you made the effort to come here.