Thursday, November 15, 2018

Non-Episode #5 - Rest in Peace, Stan Lee

Hi folks. I'm sick, so I won't get a new episode up this week. Like swollen lymph nodes in my neck, crackling ear, whisper-quiet voice, went-home-early-with-a-fever sick.  It sucks.

I know that if I don't write this, then by the time I record next week I'll forget to mention that Stan Lee passed away. That's no slight on Stan. I've just got a terrible short term memory.

Stan Lee, of course, invented everything you love (alongside Jack Kirby--who more people need to mention in their tributes because Stan sure as hell would have). His name is synonymous with the word "Marvel" and probably the best part of watching the movies in recent years has been watching closely, looking for Stan's cameo.

There's not going to be another Stan cameo.

The Stan cameo probably started out of necessity when he'd provide narration to the old cartoon shows. Long before I had any idea who he was, I was watching Saturday morning cartoons and would hear this guy with a deeply resonant, professorial voice introducing Spider-Man and signing his name to each show. Later in life, I saw his name on a comic and still unclear on who he was I thought, "The narrator guy from the cartoons?"  Somewhere in my teen years I guess it probably clicked. I definitely understood the impact when he showed up in "Mallrats" and put Brodie on the right path.

In the comic world, I was always more of a DC guy. Mostly because Batman. And the Flash...but Batman. But in the late 00s and early Teens, Batman took what I felt was a turn for the worse (to be saved by Scott Snyder's run at a later date). I not only wasn't enjoying Batman in that time, I didn't even UNDERSTAND it. It was weird and disjointed and I wasn't feeling it. I missed my gritty, urban, tough as hell BATMAN that I'd known my entire life.  And I stopped reading it.  Needing something to fill the void, I turned to a character who ticked all of those boxes.  Who?  Black Panther, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

When Batman wasn't Batman to me, one of Stan's creations kept me reading funny books. And I kept reading Black Panther up until they ended the title (pre-movie, of course). I owe him for that.

I lost touch with the Marvel movies. The last one I saw was Guardians of the Galaxy 1. It's been a minute. Mostly I just don't have anybody in my life with whom I regularly go to movies and I don't like going by myself. I also just don't think about it much. It seems like there's a new major Marvel movie coming out every time I blink and once I got behind it was easier to just stop caring. Don't get me wrong--I'm sure they're great and it's a fulfilling experience for all of you who've kept up. But at this point the only way I can envision myself catching up on it is if I start dating someone and it's important to her. Then I'll have it sorted in like a week...but as it is, I've missed a lot of the past 4 years of projects that got Stan's blessing. Oops.

(Holy crap...since Guardians in 2014 there have been 16 goddamn movies. In four years. How are all of you doing this? You're rich, right? You're all rich? And have endless time? At 2 hours per movie and an estimate of $12 per movie ticket that would be 32 hours and $192. Wow. That's...that's how you've spent 32 hours and $192, before BluRay or streaming media hours/money is counted. But who am I to judge? I once spent $150 to see the Spice Girls. Good seats though. Good seats.)

Sorry for whatever the hell I was trying to prove there.

Stan Lee left a mark on the world in a way that made it a brighter, more fun, more entertaining place. Not everybody does that. Most of us don't even TRY to do that. He was an once in a lifetime personality. The good news is, our lifetimes got to intersect with him. The bad news is, he was our only one.

I think I worded it pretty well on my Facebook page on the day Stan died:
I'd suggest raising a toast to all of the characters Stan Lee created, but your liver would be shot by the end of that. So instead I'm going to suggest that we all go out and make something to share with the world. Be creative, do stuff, share it. That'd be a damn fine tribute.

So...go do that, I guess.


Check us out next time. Should be able to talk next week, and I hope to do an episode all about Kurt Vonnegut, because I released my album of songs inspired by his work this week. Which I definitely should promote on the show once I can record it, I guess.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Episode 54 - An Interview with Jim Ousley

It turns out that when I said in last week's episode that I planned to take this week off, I lied! Because instead I sat down and recorded an interview with my friend Jim Ousley, author of The Dead Palace, a fantastic new horror comic that you can get at this link. Jim and I talk about the book but also everything else that crosses our minds including but not limited to the Planet of the Apes, KISS, Ghost, a bunch of the other projects that Jim (and I!) have worked on over the years, and some personal stuff too.  I like this episode a lot. It's always good to talk to Jim.  Do it up!

I don't have a time-index this week because the conversation isn't very linear, but I do have some photos!

The cover photo. Any time these glasses reflect anything I look cross-eyed, but whatever.

The Dead Palace. Pick up your copy at as soon as you can!

My name is listed in the cover of the book! Such an honor to be there, right along side the likes of Guests 741188781 and 1752848989!

Another of Jim's books. I'm listed in that one too. This one's a lot of fun and there's not any horror if that's not your cup of tea.

One of Jim's bands referenced in the show, My 2 Planets. Love these albums.

Jim also worked with me on my "Out from the Light" album and I really like how it turned out, to this day. This one's available at along with all of my other stuff for FREE, or "pay what you want" if you're feeling generous.

I don't think we mentioned this specifically in the show, but Jim got me Blaze Bayley's autograph! Need a frame for this one!

We talked extensively about the Planet of the Apes here's that.

We also talked about KISS a lot, so here's my favorite KISS live album.

And we also talked about Ghost a!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Episode 53 - Kicking Out at 2

This week's episode gets a little dark up top as I talk about the leukemia diagnosis that Roman Reigns described on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.  I get a little personal and intense in places.  But then I cheer up and talk about new music from Jason Isbell, the Bottle Rockets, and Trampled by Turtles before raving about one of my all-time favorite albums, Neil Young's "Harvest."  Here's the player:

And after some errors, I don't have a time-index this week, so we're just going to skip right to the pictures.  If you feel the need to skip over the intense part, the music talk starts about 29 minutes in.

Here's the cover photo.

Taken seconds after opening the new Isbell. I didn't even take off my hat and jacket before tearing into it!


Isbell shirt that came with the pre-order.

Isbell poster (and four rando CDs) that came with the vinyl.

...which I immediately framed and slid my ticket from this past September's show under the glass with it.

One of my favorite albums.

New one by Trampled by Turtles. If you stare at this long enough, a joint appears in your hand.

New one from the Bottle Rockets.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Episode 52 - The Best Damn Turtle You Can Find

Sorry I missed last week's episode! I explain on this week's show. I also talk about music from Coheed and Cambria, Louden Wainwright III, Elvis Costello, and Thrice. Then I talk about TV shows including Murphy Brown, Disenchantment, and Doctor Who. It's a longer episode with an incorrect "EC" logo in the photo because I lost the fonts I normally use for that, but I'm working on it...  Here's the player:

Here's the time-log:
  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 4:43 - An extended rant about how sometimes the Internet sucks. 
  • 19:33 - Music Break #1 - Born in this Town
  • 20:03 - New Music Releases 
  • 55:54 - Music Break #2 - Nobody Has It All
  • 56:24 - TV Talk 
  • 1:12:49 - Music Break #3 - Coming Storm
  • 1:13:19 - Outro
And here are some photos:

See? Fonts just aren't right...

Front of the Louden Wainwright III set I talked about.

This is the page with the songs that Louden probably SHOULD have included on it...but I'm glad he didn't, too.  :)

Thrice - Palms

Elvis Costello - Look Now -- I don't know why the cover is scary as shit, but it is...

Coheed & Cambria - The Unheavely Creatures

Look at that awesome transparent red/marble vinyl!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Episode 51 - Islands Don't Go in Streams

It's a short episode this week because I've got a cold. I mostly talk about the MC5, Amanda Shires, Adam's House Cat, and Tyler Childers. Short episodes are good jumping-on points, so this one might be the one you've been waiting for. Here's the player:

Here's the time-breakdown thing...

  • 0:00 - Intro and Batting Cleanup
  • 5:40 - Music Break #1 - "Not Okay"
  • 6:10 - MC50 Concert Review
  • 16:55 - Music Break #2 - "Being There"
  • 17:25 - Recent Record Purchases - MC5, Amanda Shires, Adam's House Cat, and Tyler Childers
  • 29:57 - Music Break #3 - "Napalm"
  • 30:28 - Outro Stuff
And here's a bunch of photos:

Cover photo.

MC5 records on red, white, and blue vinyl.

The shirt I bought at the MC50 show.

Kim Thayil's road case. This was very cool to see.

Dave and I met Clownvis, by the way.

Amanda Shires record cover autographed by Jason Isbell, Amanda, and Dave Cobb. (I think in that order from left to right, but who the hell can tell?)

The record. This isn't a great shot...

This one shows off the pretty purple vinyl a lot better.

A watercolor of the lyrics to "Leave It Alone." Gonna frame it. 
Adam's House Cat album. Yellow transparent vinyl.

Tyler Childers - Purgatory. Pink vinyl for breast-cancer awareness month. It actually kinda fits, anyway.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Episode 50 - My Top 10 Favorite Concerts

This week's episode is pretty much just me counting down my top 10 favorite concerts that I've attended. Had a lot of fun with it and I like this episode a lot.  Lots of photos this week, too!  Here's the player:

Here's the time index:

  • 0:00 - Intro Stuff. Lots of Intro Stuff
  • 16:00 - Music Break 1 - Give it Up
  • 1:08:49 - Music Break 2 - Outdoor Summer Concerts
  • 1:09:24 - Outro

And here are the photos--tons of photos!  (Sorry some of the shirts are wrinkled all to hell.) Meaningless bonus points to anyone who zooms in and finds St. Louis on all of the tour dates.

Cover photo, which doesn't read very well small, but whatever.

#10 - Cornerstone Festival

Front of the shirt.

Back of the shirt.

BONUS SHIRT! - Madison Greene. Shirt's a little darker than in this photo. Wanted to try to get the text readable.

This is the back. I wish it were the front.
#9 - Pearl Jam 2010

Shirt only has a front. But what a cool front!

U2 - 360 Tour, whenever that was, I'm not looking it up.

Again, only a front on this one.

#7 - Rufus Wainwright from this year.

Apparently I buy a lot of shirts with only fronts.

#6 - Motorhead 2009

Front--I like this logo a lot and I'm kinda sad it's fading.


BONUS SHIRT! - The last time I saw Motorhead in 2015.


#5 - Drive-By Truckers in 2004ish...

Wrinkly but cool!
The back of this shirt is kinda what sold it for me.

#4 - And I know it looks like #2 based on my hands. I didn't think it through. Leonard Cohen 2009.

I love the heart-shaped Star of David logo.


#3 with a bullet - Jason Isbell from earlier this month.

Neat retro-ish front.

I love the name of the tour.

#2 - David Bowie 2004.

Front. Hi Dave.


#1 - Was there any doubt? The Who 1989. Couldn't squeeze my fat ass into a medium for the photo!

Cool front. It's beat up and stained all to hell, but I won't ever throw this one out. 
Pretty good back too.