Thursday, May 7, 2020

5/6/20 - Derailed with Dave!

In this week's episode I have a long chat with my brother Dave about the stuff that's kept him entertained during his COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order. It's a long talk that covers a lot of ground. Don't have a time-index for it this week because it was even more informal than my usual shows, but it's a good talk! Check it out! Here's the player (in my preview it's pulling up last week's photo which hopefully won't remain the case):

And here's a bunch of pictures that are mostly promotional stills I pulled off of Google, but at least I say a little bit in the captions! :) I think these photos are more or less in the order in which they come up on the show.

Here's the cover photo. See it's a still from my phone records, but with the show logo added... Normally I'd post a photo of myself with the guest, but it wasn't possible due to the social distancing and whatnot.

Surprisingly better than you want it to be.

I don't know either.

Turns out Dave DID get the name of the movie right. Haven't watched it yet myself, but it's probably going to happen over the weekend. Anything with a Rickenbacker on the cover can't be all bad.

A constant source of fun for both Dave and I, it was fun the have MST3K come up. It's amazing how much of my life I go through absentmindedly quoting this show!

The Day of the Triffids is a journey for sure. They spit poison and kill, ya' know.

Haven't seen it, but I'm awfully fond of James Best, so it might be in line.

Old-school Vincent Price. He's a St. Louis guy, y'know.

The costume in Robot Monster is exactly what it was described to be.

Decent amount of KISS talk in this episode.

A live release of a show from last year. Nick Lowe writes great stuff and my favorite luchador surf band (yes there's more than one) does a great job as his backline. 

Sloan's live Yep Roc release is sloppy but fun.

I still haven't tackled the 70+ tracks in this behemoth of a download!

The Lees of Memory's "The Blinding White Of Nothing At All" - Since the time of recording, I've listened to it and Dave's description does it justice. Ended up placing an order for the vinyl!

This is Haunt's most recent release. Haven't personally dived into it yet, but Dave rarely steers ya' wrong on metal.

Same as above for Wolftooth, except this album isn't quite out yet.

We get surprisingly deep and poignantly into this episode of The Simpsons, too!
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