Thursday, August 2, 2018

Episode 45 - When I Was Young and Virile

This week's episode is a little different. I didn't really have anything new to talk about so instead I talked about a couple of my guitars that mean a lot to me and also about the comic book Bone by Jeff Smith.  It's an episode of full-on nostalgia for me, and I hope you'll enjoy the trip back in time too. Here's the player:

Here's how the time breaks down:
  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 5:40 - Music Break #1 - "One Man" from my Grounds album.
  • 6:11 - Talking about my Ibanez EX Series bass.
  • 16:48 - Music Break #2 - "Fall Apart" from my Grounds album.
  • 17:18 - Talking about the comic book Bone by Jeff Smith.
  • 35:18 - Music Break #3 - "Stranger" from my Grounds album.
  • 35:48 - Talking about my Silvertone guitar.
  • 43:03 - Music Break #4 - "Diner" from my Grounds album.
  • 43:33 - Outro
And here's a BUNCH of photos!
Here's the cover.
My 90s Ibanez EX Series bass
Nothing says "90s" quite like this headstock.
Here'e the body. Somehow a chunk got chipped out of it in the late 90s and I put a Band-Aid over the scar. Also, I have no idea where that volume knob ended up.
Sorry Marc and Mike...but I think I probably take the cake here. I swear I wasn't on drugs back then. I just looked like that. And yes, that guitar strap is FULLY extended.

We look a little more like a band here. A band of toddlers. But a band.
Bone! This is my favorite comic ever. This photo shows the books, the Bone cousins, and their friend Kurt Vonnegut.

The spines of my Bone books.
Bone in black and white.

Bone in color.
My 50s Silvertone.
Silvertone headstock.
The body...
And this is how ugly the back is, post yellow-paint removal. Although over the years I've come to think of this as pretty cool.

I took this photo like 10+ years ago when I was working on the liner notes for the "Grounds" record. The blur was an accident, but I always thought it looked cool. Never used the photo for some reason.

The price tag still on the guitar strap.

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