Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Episode 18 - My Top Ten Favorite Albums of 2017

Most of this episode is spent talking about music. I discuss my top ten favorite albums of 2017 and several "honorable mentions" that didn't quite make the list. Among the latter, I spend a lengthy amount of time talking about the latest and sadly LAST solo album from Gord Downie, "Introduce Yerself." After all the music talk, I touch on a few quick subjects, including my thoughts on the season finale of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, a couple of notes on the WWE, and reviews of four weird, random sodas I bought from Cracker Barrel. Throughout the show, I also play snippets of "music only" mixes of several tracks off of my upcoming solo album "It Could Be Worse," which will be out in 2017, and we close out the show with a special Christmas gift for my dad. It's a jam packed episode!  Here's the player:


Here are the time-indexes for you skipper-arounders...
  • 0.00 - Intro and Theme Music
  • 1:17 - Greetings and Opening Remarks
  • 4:53 - Musical Interlude #1 - A clip of "Always" from my upcoming album "It Could Be Worse."
  • 5:33 - The Honorable Mentions, with particular attention to Gord Downie's "Introduce Yerself" at 7:00-15:43.
  • 30:39 - Musical Interlude #2 - A clip of "Everybody Shut Up" also from the upcoming album.
  • 31:20 - THE TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 2017!!! (Ten-32:54, Nine-35:05, Eight-36:15, Seven-36:57, Six-39:13, Five-41:35, Four-43:09, Three-45:11, Two-47:11, One-50:56)
  • 55:42 - Musical Interlude #3 - A clip of "Nobody Else" from the upcoming album
  • 56:40 - A couple brief notes about the WWE.
  • 59:45 - Thoughts on the finale of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.
  • 1:01:16 - Four weird random sodas from Cracker Barrel
  • 1:06:06 - Memories from Ham Days passed.
  • 1:08:38 - A Christmas Gift for my Dad/Outro
And here are some photos...

This is a pile of all of the 2017 new releases I bought this year. If you only click on one photo, click on this one.
This is Gord Downie's album that I talked about at length.
The whole big pile got boiled down to these ten.  Oh... Uhh... Spoiler Alert, I guess...but you still don't know what order they're in from just this photo.
And these are the weird sodas I bought at Cracker Barrel
Thanks for your continued support!

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