Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Episode 20: And He Shall Be Kevin

We cover a lot of ground this week, starting with bidding farewell to Rose Marie. I also discuss my "current listening" of Elton John, The Talking Heads, and Motorhead, then recommend my favorite record store in St. Louis and a cool local radio show. I talk about my week's worth of playing on the Nintendo Switch and close out by talking wrestling and a couple other things.

Here's the player:

As promised, here's a link where you can go listen to Night Grooves with Orlandez. It's a great show!

And here's the time index:
  • 0:00 - Introduction, including new years wishes and stuff.
  • 5:57 - Musical Break #1: A clip of "Beautiful Disaster" from my "Trigger Warnings & Sunshine" Album.
  • 6:37 - Rest in Peace, Rose Marie
  • 15:27 - Musical Break #2: A clip of "Coming Storm" from my "Things I Meant to Say" album.
  • 16:06 - Current Listening: Elton John, Talking Heads, Motorhead, and recommendations of Salt & Smoke BBQ, Vintage Vinyl, and Night Grooves with Orlandez.
  • 30:02 - Musical Break #3: A clip of "Please" from my "Out from the Light" album.
  • 30:42 - Nintendo Switch Games, including (briefly) Mario Odyssey, WWE 2K18, and Shovel Knight
  • 40:10 - Musical Break #4: A clip of "Last Folk Singers" from my "Sorry, I Didn't Mean to Shout" release.
  • 40:50 - This week in WWE Wrestling.
  • 56:13 - Musical Break #5: A clip of "You and Your Perfect Life" from the "Something to Look Forward To" album.
  • 57:04 - Closing thoughts, including a little talk about my teeth and memories of getting gassed with Mom.
And here are the photos:
I just kinda had fun making this. I think it falls under fair-use as a parody, so nobody sue me.

The epic battle of Chad vs. Dingus McGee!
My new Vintage Vinyl hoodie!
The back of the front.
I played this.

And this.

And that.
Thanks for your support!

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